For some people characterized by the position of " everything as people " and " to live as accepted" ?

example - male neighbor bought a new coat, and it means we need to, all surrounded by a car, that means we need it, all go to Turkey - and we'll go, and so on . D . ?

The robots will replace human reproduces itself ?

News .Norway, November 25 / scientists have created a unique robot, able to reproduce on their own.

Why do people all the time looking at any object contours of the human face?


.The pictures all the planets, such as Mars.Any irregularities in the surface of the planet people are issued for the person's face.The latter case - the person of Obama.Also often unexplained phenomena, for example, in the forest of the human form.Clouds, for example, someone's opinion.

What cars contain materials harmful to human health ?

question about the details of the cabin and some spare parts - steering wheel, dashboard, seat, etc.