What tools do a hole to install fence posts?

What shape should be a spade, or rather the blade?What is the size and shape of the stalk?of a timber?What additional tools to use "What secrets still there?

What is the height of the fence can be put?A neighbor took out already!farther...

Neighbor - single spiteful old woman - it seems that he lives in my backyard. .. her head constantly lurks behind the fence.It does not give anything to do wickedly commenting on every move!I can not swear and respond rudely - education does not allow, though "such" just rude, perhaps, and understand.I want to put a fence very-very high!Just do not know how high you can put a fence according to the law, taking into account the fact that this is the fence, alas, is a meter away from her home.You can prompt way out?

What should be the height of the fence ?

Advise, please, the fence height ( for it will live Caucasian Shepherd Dog ).