What are beauty treatments based on green tea for the face ?

Beauty treatments with green tea for the skin .What can be done and how to do ?

SsangYong introduced the minivan and crossover, you like them (see, below) ?

Under the hood

SsangYong SIV- 1 can be installed one of two engines : petrol and diesel .The petrol unit volume of 1.6 thanks to turbocharging is able to give out 205 hpDiesel engine of the same volume is weaker - 150 hpTwo transmissions - a 6- speed manual and 6 -speed dual-clutch robot .It is worth noting here that Korean experts as close as possible to translate the concept into a series .

Why Sobchak called the horse, and the other with the same face shape - no?


Ksenia Sobchak has earned the rank of major horse show business ?

What BMW X5 beautiful cooler?

BMW officially told about the X5 SUV new generation.Production models will be established in the US Spartanburg, while the European sales start is scheduled for November 2013 .

McLaren P1: 916 million euros for the "horses", looks like he will (see, below) ?

McLaren has not yet released the exact data, but claimed that "hundreds " the P1 is dispersed in less than 3 seconds, 200 km / h from a place gaining in 7 seconds, and up to the mark "300" speedometer drifted in just 17 ​​seconds - on0.3 seconds faster than the Bugatti Veyron and by as much as 5 - than the McLaren F1.Maximum speed is electronically limited to 350 km / h .

What is different from the Slavic Aryan appearance ?

girl, white (probably wheat ) long, thick hair, the eyebrows almost straight, not very high forehead, very small straight nose, thin physique, tall, green in the blue iris, the skin is very bright .By temperament peaceful and creative people, absolutely not inclined to the exact sciences .This Slavic features or Aryan ?My brother always says that I have nordic nose.I began to read, did not see much difference between Aryans and Slavs ( White Sea-Baltic type) .Very interesting

How can "hide" defects of posture ?

What clothes very well emphasizes a straight posture and " hide " the question mark ?How should and how not to dress stooped ?

Does the appearance of a beggar crucial for you ?

The streets, roadsides, in subways, railway stations, we encounter a different contingent of beggars : This is a woman with small children and young people in wheelchairs, and the elderly. So for you is crucial in the decision : Post or pass ?