As regulated by the turning on and off lights in the streets ?

automatically, or there is a work - lights include?

Electric cooktop, when you turn the machine knocks .Why?

new electric hob Hansa .Hooked up to the grid, and then immediately knocks the machine at switchboard .Why is this happening?

Schneider Electric Outlet - why do not remove the spacer tabs?

How are

right foot in the original position, and have remained.

Cog to turn out in full - nothing happens!

The idea is to disperse foot should, but alas. .. In the frozen state remain.

In what may be a trick?

Why should they then need another?

Why electrons move in an electric circuit ( cm) ?


from school have learned the concept of charge, potential, potential difference, and much more .Well, since childhood I remember the question: " In Moscow, the generator, Magadan and light switch. The chain closed the light bulb lit up . Like electrons in Moscow" understand " that you need to start a movement ? "

What will happen if the speakers are connected via a step-up transformer?

What happens if the speakers are connected via a step-up transformer?

With a year of release Electric are subject to reprogramming?

Russians extended the time for reprogramming electricity

Zone metering devices for another year will work in the summer time.However, their reprogramming of the population will have to make their own schet.S of Electric of release shall be reprogrammed?and for which the consumer is more profitable( in apartments with gas appliances, without gas appliances and all the same, but in the private sector)? And yet, looking at the passport Electric( Mercury 201.5) 2009., at least that is similar to the reprogramming functionbut that does not find or do not understand. ..