Should children have elderly parents ( cm) ?

Should children have elderly parents, if they have not previously been involved in the education of these children ?

Do we need children educational video?

I mean children under one year .What do you find the pros and cons ?

You would restrict their children from communicating with their parents?

If these parents, in general, are good people, but I personally have a child, they are periodically called bad beat his head on the battery, scalded with boiling water and kept in the chilling terror?

Children learn relationship to the elder, looking at them.Then draw conclusions.As in the parable of the parents who fed the old father from a wooden cup and blew on the table, and his little son looking at it, playing the game.The Pope asked - what he does.Son said that Whittle him a wooden bowl.My father was frightened, and since then his grandfather treated honorably.

And how did the right thing in this situation, that the impact on children and the examples were as good?

How to teach a child to work with his hands and head ?

A child always worked hands doing different forgery and Christmas toys. If something accidentally broke trying to fix it.How to teach a child to this ?

What movie a must see with kids ?

What movie a must see with children to form their correct attitude to life and the right motivation ?

Best zhena- a girl brought up in the mind or what?

How to understand and to compare the concept of " best wife " and how they can be obtained in an environment of permissiveness and vices ?