As you are growing seedlings of tomatoes ?

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How to accelerate the growth of seedlings of eggplant ( cm) ?

eggplant sowed in early February, worth 2-3 true leaves, very small and do not grow, how to accelerate growth?Or better reseeded ?Will the early varieties ripen in the greenhouse ?

Where to buy plants in the suburbs.

Where in Moscow can be purchased seedlings, so this maple, as in the photo?

This maple of Japan nsky( Latin cer jap nicum.??) -? The kind of perennial woody plants of deciduous maple, native to Japan, on Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, and in the southern part of Korea.We, too, must be cultivated.

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The roots of the long pepper, what to do?

Seedlings of pepper, it decided to cross into deeper cups, clod of earth collapsed, and there is more than 10cm roots. You can cut the roots of pepper?