Magnetic Designer - the danger for kids ?

Can you give such toys for children under three years, if there is a safe for kids ?

How to sew a deer in the style of a tilde, the pattern ?

tilde deer with Santa Claus and Santa Claus

What a nice interactive toy novelty is better to present the New Year ?

interactive toys - robot .What appears new in this area, what to give ?

Toy Store in Krasnodar ?

Do cheap shops where you can buy a big car is not expensive or a lot of big blocks, all very expensive, can have a base ?

What toys can give fund "Christmas Joy"?

Looked on TV, is collecting toys into a fund for sick children.I think that you can give them.Sick kids should also experience positive emotions.You'll see, with God's help and get better.

What is the insertion of a toy that makes sounds?

In children's toys have buttons, clicking on which toys are barking, sing, growl and emit other that thing called?

As in the hospital and what to do crafts, toy, souvenir for the New Year?

While in the hospital on New Year's Eve as you can entertain yourself by making crafts out of something? From what we can make a gift, toy, souvenir and so on?

What are my options, photos and videos Make?

How to accurately and securely all the work yourself, gradually and step by step? How to decorate a gift for the New 2015 year Goat and Sheep?