Whether shopping center worker rights, if it considers that. ..( cm.)?

Benches. .. that there are, are only for the elderly and women with children?

Such a case.One day I went to the mall.Charter walk around the store, I decided to sit on the bench - rest.But it turned out that I was a bench where there was ice cream oblyapan the floor right next to it( apparently, someone was sitting eating ice cream).Rather, it had two benches, backs turned to each other.I sat down with the "clean" side.Then came three girls and three boys.Some of them got to me and did not want to sit where oblyapan floor.Another did not care for it, and they sat down on the "dirty" side, saying: "The very bench-the net."Then came the cleaner to clean the floor and, of course, became scold us.She said that we as a pig.We explained to her that the floor was oblyapan before us.She did not believe we( the youth was with chips, drinks and pastries, I personally - only drink).Cleaner still yelled at us and said that the benches do not really delivered for us, and for the elderly and women with children.Then she drove all those who sat behind me.She said: "Go out into the street."The boys responded that it is cold.Woman still drove.I thought everything now and I will drive.Somehow, just I imagine how I justify myself, say, I actually disabled.But himself thought it to anything, just go to another shop if expel."It will not be as it is to go around the room and specially the following to me, young, not sitting on the bench her to do it just once, it is necessary to wash the floor." - I thought.But nothing happened, I was not kicked out.But I felt like something was wrong.Ugly happened: I sat down with the "clean" side, someone was sitting with me, and the rest went to the "dirty" side.It turns out, as if I held up some!But, on the other hand, why should I sit where a dirty? !And then, I sit near oblyapannogo place - would have accused me personally, even though I did not eat ice cream!And then I prove to make excuses but in addition, I'm disabled.And anyway, my personal opinion that the bench these all , but we should, if anything, to give their older( pregnant women, people with disabilities), well, as in transport( where there are special places for such persons).

Or am I wrong here?__eleven_

Why are cats so long to think before they do something?

At first glance, a cat - a very harmonious being.However, you should closely observe their behavior and start to think that they are too often plagued by internal contradictions nehily

:) I think many familiar with the situation when the pussy hard skrebёtsya the closed door, but when you open, crush begins hesitantly in the doorway and fallhelp her decide on the direction of motion:)

and more cats sometimes even a long time preparing for the jump to a low - sitting, thinking, trying on, then like was about to jump, they even sat down slightly, shook her booty. .. but no, not solvedIt is sitting on:) That's where this quality in them, do not you think?

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Children's irresponsibility.How to cope?


careful attitude to things.Thank God, who is kind and caring.But things did not absolutely saves.I told that to buy new things have to spend money, which could be used to buy him sweets, toys, agrees, but after half an hour again something kurochit.The last straw was the bike that he just threw near the open gate.Of course, stolen vehicles, crying all day, brother gave her great, and half an hour later he left again near the same gate. .. The child almost 7 years, but almost no accountability.How to teach at least protect your things?

Have you met girls, women named Nick?What were they?

I like that name.But life is not familiar with that name.What is their character that they tend to?

Can a man be ashamed very attractive and intelligent woman ?

that it is going where constraint may be even a phobia ?