Does anyone have a beautiful scheme for embroidery ?

topics : wedding .I want to make some decorative stuff for the wedding.I would be grateful for answers to the people who know this )))

Where to find similar shapes and forms( cv.)?

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Such a plan for drawing shapes freehand sketch food( as a supplement to the 3d sketch), as well for the training!

Disadvantage of this option no marking under the plinth!

Good Daru!

How embroidered satin ribbons Easter egg?

How to sew ribbons egg at Easter as a gift with their own hands? Step by step photo or video with a description of the master class. The scheme embroidery satin years.

How to knit a sweater, cardigan, pullover, scarf, hat with a picture of a monkey ?

How to connect such things as :

  • sweater ;
  • Jumper ;
  • Pullover ;
  • Scarf ;
  • Socks ;
  • Mittens ;
  • Gloves ;
  • Cap

with the image of New Year's symbol 2016 year Monkey (red monkey) ?What are the options with a monkey in a pattern or ornament ?What are some photos of finished products, and which have a video where you can watch a master class ?

What are the simple scheme of knitting patterns Christmas Tree bump, a hook or knitting needles ?

Christmas tree pine cone, cones. What are the scheme, the scheme of knitting pattern bumps, lumps, bumps and knobs Christmas, crochet and knitting, cross-stitch (embroidery ) on the scarf, sweater, jersey, jacket, hat, mittens, gloves, and so on ?

How simple and beautiful tie a warm thing with a pattern Christmas tree cones ?How to tie this thing with Christmas decorations that would give the New 2015?

What are the scheme for knitting ?

What are the schemes for crochet ?

What are the schemes embroidery cross ?