How much time flying cruise missiles from the Caspian Sea to the Syrian goals?

And if

different speeds in different missiles of different bases ?

Sochi Olympic coverage : Irada Zeynalov still "on the Syrian front ?"

Once the frame appears Ms. Zeynalov and starts " chasing / escalate, " and it seems that now the crowd submachine tumble or roll out of the bushes tank .

Why America started all this mess in Syria ?

Is it because she is very profitable ?Oil, gas .... is not Assad, Russia will not be there, which means direct deliveries of gas and oil ....

2012 - year of deferred wars?

Not held :

  • international operation in northern Mali ;
  • Attack on Iran ;
  • International operation in Syria.

It is the Ukrainian version of the US bombing in Syria ?

known to fight with his Ukrainian people, on the instructions of the owners of the war, in the Donbass, during Poroshenko ATO bombed many facilities vital to the civilian population.Substations, water supply areas ..