How to grow plumeria seed ?

beautiful plants - Plumeria !And what a change!And like growing fast?What features you need to know to grow from seeds Plumeria ?When can we expect the first flowering ?What size plumeria flowers at ?

How to determine the grade of violets? How to achieve a lush flowering violets?

Pictures of my violets:

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How to sort my violets? How could this done?Is it possible to achieve even more lush flowering?

What to do to bought Kalanchoe Calandiva blossomed again ?

When buying

had many beautiful red inflorescences, 2 months after the purchase (just the autumn ), Kalanchoe withered and more, it seems, is not going to .While it may be due to the fact that it is winter .How to induce flowering Kalanchoe Calandiva ?Is it possible that he bloomed all year round?

As a money tree in bloom ?

How does it look ? When it flowers ? How to contribute to this ?

Orchid long blooms .What to do?

Bought blooming phalaenopsis .He withered .I threw out a new sheet, but does not release the arrow .Pour, feed .There are no results .