And you can explain to the children that the channels before hooking pliers ?

As recently it was!And what we will change channels in the future?Remote obsolete already too tired to switch the phone !!!!

Is it true that technological progress will destroy mankind ?

life of modern man becomes uncomfortable almost no progress in all spheres of activity.However, chemical fertilizers on the fields as a good, but what results - allergies, poisoning, pollution of soil and water.And what about the splitting of the atom - quiet extinction of all life on the irradiation.Vehicle exhaust refilled, not only oil, but all sorts of additives, and from the destruction of the smell of burning (even dichlorvos and the odorless grass - do not want to).Smoke from CHP plants and factories humming wires of power lines.Sleeping is not known on what, eat and drink is not known that breathe and are treated do not know what, etc.That's progress !!!

This is progress or falling ? ( Cm)

Stumbled here on such a suit on the Internet, you think it's normal for a child to see ?

Laziness and hard work is more beneficial for the progress ?

postulate is: If not for the lazy, the person would not have invented the wheel, skates, sleds, car vacuum cleaner and other claims.Do you agree with the fact that the sloth moves progress?And if so, what is more useful for technical improvement laziness or diligence ?

When waiting for the presentation of a flying skateboard ?

In many

favorite movie " Back to the Future " the main characters traveled from 1985 to 2015. Who after watching this masterpiece has not dreamed of being the owner of a flying skateboard ?Probably, if there is, they are few .Development of this miracle of creation were long and hard .Q: whether to wait for the release hoverboard this year?

What invention ( discovery ) of the 20th century brought the biggest benefit people?

What do you think the most valuable ?