Why do young children is not an instinct of self-preservation ?

Kids and strive to go somewhere climb, fall somewhere, eat something not that. .. Why do kids "does not work " instinct of self-preservation ?

At what age a child begins to communicate with their peers ?


as any interaction between the kids, cooperative games, chat, etc.

The child ate detergent, what to do?

immediately gave a lot to drink water to avoid burns, like rules.Child fun, play .Then tightly lunch, and gave Sab simplex, as it is suitable for poisoning by detergents.What else can you do?And how many hours to wait for the reaction to already know the cost or not (I hope that it will not, of course. While watching ) ?

Share your experiences - what a bib for the baby more comfortable in your opinion?


How to choose a bib for the baby, so it was convenient and effective There are, for example, a fabric, or just oilcloth, have combined - down oil cloth, top cloth, there is generally a plastic and a pocket for crumbs are on zavyazochkah on pugovichkami, Velcro, a button, etc.What better and more practical ?