I. Akinfeev blinded by laser.Could this affect the outcome of the match ?


prove that its laser distracted, whether it can change the outcome of the game ?

Laser - this is the best way to remove moles ?


protruding birthmark. All the time I touch it, and traumatic. The doctor advises to remove the laser.Are there any other ways of removing moles better?and then the laser scar remains, but it will be visible on the collarbone.

How to choose the MFP home?

printer, scanner and copier - it clearly, but I would like to still have color printing photos. They say, if you take the inkjets, the print should be regularly and photo quality. .. I do not know. Otherwise quickly wither dyes. And if a laser - it is very expensive, the amount of which have - up to 16 000 rubles.

Laser pointer with telescopic sight - a new air defense weapon?

Laser crossbow glasses does not break (: