Why Russia is silent about yesterday's shooting columns of refugees ?

Said Ukraiskie Media, BBC BBC News Israel, Poland, but not the Russian media.

Shooting of "Grad" column of refugees under the Lugansk can recognize a crime against humanity.This was stated by the head of the Polish Humanitarian Action Janina Ohoyskaya, according to "Polish Radio".

Russian edition of "MK" reported the shelling of the column and the death of many people, beating silence the question of who fired.Documentary footage from the scene yet, all posts are based on the words of the Ukrainian military.

Incident occurred in the cartilaginous area of ​​the village in the district of Krasnodon.A column of buses with refugees from Lugansk was fired salvo fire systems "Grad".

"Many were burned alive" - ​​Matyuhin said, quoted him as Bi-Bi-Si.He said that the shelling led militias.The press secretary of the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council Andriy Lysenko also confirmed that many of the victims, but the exact number of victims is still unknown."Killed a lot of people, including women and children," - he said "Ukrainian Truth".

Deputy Prime self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic Andrei Purgin in turn, refutes this information."Ukrainians themselves constantly bombed the road to the aircraft and fired at" Grad "," - he said in a telephone conversation with Reuters correspondent and added that the militia is not possible to deliver the "hail" in this area.

Is that - "duck"?And if not, what the silence is alarming?

Who kills Ukrainians in Ukraine?

Not known who killed in the Maidan.

In Odessa.

Now with the OSCE commission:


Kiev denies any involvement in the bombing of Lugansk 18-20 July

July 21, 20:38 UTC + 4


during bombing killed up to 29 people

In ENA, July 21./ Corr.ITAR-TASS Mikhail Shcherbakov /.The Ukrainian authorities have denied any involvement in the bombing of Lugansk July 18-20, during which killed up to 29 people.This is stated in a report released Monday observation mission report on the organization of the Ukraine, which covers the period until July 20, 18:00 local time.

"The shelling of Lugansk was carried out on July 18 and 19 Director of a special operation of the Ukrainian authorities in the Luhansk region on July 20 denied the participation of Ukrainian troops in city shelling." - Observers say, noting that, according to data from two different sources, these daysdied between 20 and 29 civilians.

In Ukraine there is a power?There

troops generally subject to government or self-acting?Then from whom?

Again, Russia has already bombed with crackers?

What's happening in Lugansk in December 2014 ?The city lives ?

finalized in 2014 .Year of the complex and in some cases even tragic