Is it possible to find a stolen car ?

year ago I stole cars, but hope dies last .Maybe someone has a similar situation ?Prompt for me is very important.

When to go to get the right before going into the Army?as?

Nezgayu svyo how to formulate the question in general. .. I'm 17 years old.At 18 I had somewhere to go. .. or rather 18( in advance) and encouraged to take the right( free of charge, at the expense of the army).

When to go?it is time to just try?where to go?what to say?)

The new law on registration of cars ( you think about it ) ?

Interior Ministry introduces a new regulation setting cars on account.Since October 15, motorists will be able to sell the car without removal from the register, reserve rooms and put them on record in any part of the country.By itself, the vehicle registration procedure should now take no more than an hour.In addition, the Ministry of Internal Affairs attended to a problem of theft of license plates - now stolen the number can be made in the form of a duplicate, instead of paying a ransom fraudsters. (Whether it is better or the state just relieved itself from any obligation and then pass them to us)