What if for the same violation sent 2 penalty ?

discover that sent two identical fine of 300 rubles for speeding.Resolution of different and signatures are different, but the same pictures, the same time (even seconds are the same), and the camera is the same.Call the number listed in the decision, there quietly said, and you just pay for one.It generally is normal?It would not subsequently claim?They explained this by the fact that there are problems with the staff, and it happened by mistake.Besides, did not say what kind of a resolution to pay.I paid for prescription first.Somebody faced with similar?

Why traffic police actively covers the culprit of the accident of Abbot Timothy ? ( Cm)

Traffic police said that the recording

DVR camera in the car DPS,


clearance protocol abbot

Timothy was recorded (Alexei Podobedova)

destroyed a computer virus.This

informs "Interfax" referring to the statement

the trial judge Podobedova.

Meanwhile, one of the witnesses -

driver Temple of Elijah the Prophet where to

accident served as abbot Timothy - Yuri

Belyakov said that was shortly after

Krasnokholmsk accident on the bridge and saw

Podobedova afar.According

Belyakova, Timothy's father was walking

normal.In addition, Belyakov

assured that recorded his father

Timothy "Cadillac Eskalayd"

(car, according Belyakova previously

was transferred into the possession of the church) never

not use the abbot himself."This

car ride when I All fines for speeding


fixed camera, come to me." -

Said Belyakov.

Accident at the bridge Krasnokholmsk

occurred on 31 July.Abbot Timothy

while driving a sports model

BMW with diplomatic plates,

crashed into a car that was traveling in the same direction

and then flew

into the oncoming lane and collided with it

another car.Injured in the accident

said that the priest was

heavily drunk and could hardly stand on his feet.In

turn protection Podobedova

stated that the car his father

Timothy clipped another car.

Previously abbot Timothy received

notoriety due to

christening daughter of Philip Kirkorov.

Besides the fact that the girl in spite

Orthodox tradition was born from

surrogate mother, eyewitnesses were

outraged that Kirkorov after

ordinances allowed the appeal to

parishioners from the pulpit, and during

baptismal church was closedfor ordinary