Debt Agency sells cars.What kind of car?

With restrictions on registration?

What is the size of the penalty for non-payment of travel on toll road sections in Russia?

State company "Avtodor" in 2015 will begin to implement the toll road sections free flow passage system, which involves the abolition of barriers, says "Kommersant" in his article.But it will be introduced fines for traveling without paying.The system introduced at the toll highway Moscow - St. Petersburg and the Ring Road.It is expected that this will reduce congestion and improve the comfort of motorists.

Why is the question of the pope, seated on the toilet is considered useful in the BW?


edited, but still.All cons with comments removed, the authors cons fined and temporarily banned.

And why those who are struggling with blunt questions and writing notes on useless content, fined and deprived of the opportunity to respond and comment on?

Maybe this question is really a genius, and I encroached on the sacred?In this case, under the "Holy" means the priest who sprinkles the water from the toilet.

Learn to ask the same important and useful questions.

Sorry, I can not comment on the answers.

PS: At the beginning of the question looked like this:

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Prove that this topic is important and topical.Because the question I complained, but it was not removed, but only edited and modified category.Until this issue has been in the Art.Imagine sitting on the pot - this is the "art")))


What if for the same violation sent 2 penalty ?

discover that sent two identical fine of 300 rubles for speeding.Resolution of different and signatures are different, but the same pictures, the same time (even seconds are the same), and the camera is the same.Call the number listed in the decision, there quietly said, and you just pay for one.It generally is normal?It would not subsequently claim?They explained this by the fact that there are problems with the staff, and it happened by mistake.Besides, did not say what kind of a resolution to pay.I paid for prescription first.Somebody faced with similar?