What are the EU countries do well and what is bad?

As emerging economies

new member countries?

Moscow is a state within a state that?

On July 1 throughout Russia increased tariffs for housing and communal services but as noted commentator on TV except only Moskve.A why I would like to ask?The commentator did not elaborate.And very simply furious, exasperated by the fact that we are told that the type of well, rising rates but not mnogo.No want to say it depends on the region where kak.Kazhdy tariffs will only write that vystoyatsya.Eto 4.2% as well as anyone what gorazd.I still repeat that here, too, such as in Ukraine increased rates due to the fact that the country bankrot.A Russia which is also on the verge of bankruptcy, you need the shirt to remove people? it has already been an increase in the beginning of the year.Hvatit, it's time to tear up all ostanovitsya.Net, all to seize, seize.

Kerch bridge - soothing myth or reality?

Not long ago found a detailed analysis with the conclusion that the construction of the bridge is absolutely not profitable economically and environmentally unwise .

Why Baltic strategically lost by joining the EU?

Baltic strategically defeated by accession to the EU?

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