What to look for when buying seedlings of roses ?

Often, buying seedlings roses, flowers to get one god.V the reason that Rose survives poorly, in grades or sellers matter .

Is it worth it to buy in nurseries 2-year-old seedlings in pots of currant?

Or is it better to annuals?What are the features of planting a large root system?

How to determine the root neck from seedlings ?

Survival rate and fruiting trees and shrubs may be reduced at the burial of the root collar of the plant.How to define it ?Preferably with photo

Up to what time it is possible to plant trees in the spring?

the maximum period for planting trees in the spring ?

Willow winding as it propagated to not pay for the transplant ?

Willow winding fashionable today the plant. It looks quite decorative, decorate the site.