The skin peels on the fingers: what to do?

How this problem can be cured?What ointment / cream a try?

What kind of folk remedies can get rid of this problem?

P.S: This is mainly due to the constant contact with water. We have to work with gloves, including washing dishes.

Why pain in the elbow and numb fingertips ?

Until recently, no problems with joints felt. Suddenly there was a sharp pain, first in one elbow and formed like a pea on the bone, and then there was a pain in the region of the second elbow. In addition, there was intermittent numbness in the tips of the fingers. What do such signs ?

Why numb pinky and ring finger on his left hand ?

Numb pinky and ring finger on his left hand .Fingers are moving in the same, but the feeling is not very pleasant .Who knows what it could be, and how to fight it ?

Whereby the bending and extending the fingers ?

I mean I know that the muscles in the forearm .But how.As phalanx simultaneously folded in relation to each other.After all, just the muscles in the fingers there .