The series "Guardian".Premiered on TV in Russia.On what channel and what time?

Series "Guardian".

When, on what channel and what time premiere on TV Russia?

How to honor a brownie?

I began to frequently go to waste things began to find things in places where I would not even think to put it. And recently lost a nail clippers, looking for 2 days, bought new and. .. found the next day in maaalenky clutches, with whom I went to work thatnothing there just was not, except for keys and cell phone. What is it to honor? Candy? Why this behavior?

The series " Lucifer " / "Lucifer".Home where to look ?

Series " Lucifer " / "Lucifer".

Where to watch the trailer series?

US. Directed by Len Wiseman.

Gad whether you are on Christmas holidays ?Do you believe in predictions ?

Christmas time is the time for divination .Do you believe that at this time the most truthful prediction ?

The premiere of the movie " Ghost" on TV .What channel and what time ?What is the movie about?

on which channel and at what movie premiere " Ghost " on television ?

Artifacts. Do they exist and what effect carry ?

Spear of Destiny, Holy Grail, a Pandora's box, the Shroud of Christ, etc.Truth or fiction?What else there are and how much power ?If possible examples, facts.