Is there a three-dimensional paper?

Existence 3D video we know firsthand, and whether there is 3D newspaper ?

How do memories, SSDs?

How to flash drives and other solid state drives store information? How this happens. .. If possible, post a picture. ..

I do not care with the help of some chips or something else is going on, I'm interested in the process itself.

Ethology is known about ethology?


What studies ethology, the science behind it and what is known about ethology ? __eleven_

Third breasts in girls - is a genetic disorder ?

Well, you know there have 7 fingers of the hand, extra teeth but I wonder whether there is a failure when the girls grow an extra breast ?

All Formula 11 class in mathematics, where to get?

All formulas in mathematics in grade 11.

Write or show photos where all the necessary formulas for grade 11 math.

Which European city has its first university ?

When was this?And what science they taught ?