Which St. Petersburg area to choose for a comfortable living?

Going to move to St. Petersburg.

In the city center there is no money, but... So many good proposals for the purchase of apartments in other areas of Peter.

It remains only to determine the area.

Prompt, where in Russia?? : -)

.in the sense of well-developed social infrastructure is, where to go with his family to rest well and to less crime.

District of Moscow, 7 letters - what a word (see . ) ?

historical name of the place in Moscow, in particular, known by the names of the theater and the prison, 7 letters - that word?

What is the village Mochishe in Novosibirsk ?

I want to know everything, interested in everything, whether it's a good area, far from any town, prestigious or not, I am going to move so you need any information ?

In what area of ​​the city of Tashkent is the cheap accommodation ?

In which area of ​​the city of Tashkent ( Uzbekistan), the cheapest housing prices ?

How to determine the area of ​​the city at ?

How to determine what the district is this or that street ?