How to teach a teenager refusing to friends and acquaintances ?

Very often there as a child runs to his friends for help, give money, if he is asked, does the job for others, serves as a " vest ", arguing that it is necessary to pomogat.Kak friends explained that it is necessary and currently dumat.Byvaet thatdecides to control another, but does not have time .

How to talk with your child in such a case ?

child 13 years.Brought grandmother, grandmother died.Came mother, who was not interested in the child.She recently gave birth to her second child.In the house of constant conflicts, a mother and her daughter screaming at each other.Recently, daughter (13 years old) went to live with the great-grandfather, who 77 years.Talking with her is impossible: it is always clear answers "yes", "no", "What a silly question?".When it is fed, by refusing all coffee cold cream I do not eat, then I do not eat, etc.etc.Recently, a scandal, like she swallowed a cockroach. .. In general, it has got great-grandfather.And he can not be with her much cruel.According to him, all their relatives (grandmother, grandmother, mother, and now a child) - energy vampires, they like when there are scandals.I myself decided to talk with this child.With it, I can hardly talk.I want to convey to her that she still lives with her grandparents, she did not deny it, so just be good, or talk normally, or go home.How can I talk to her?Quietly (so it does not understand) or shout (so she says who are you, Che yelling at me, I'm her aunt).Who faced with such cases, share your experience?

Why do I need to teenagers and students have seen breastfeeding ?

Friend asked me a question about whether mothers breastfeed reasonably youngest child under twelve senior

In what section to give the girl, a teenager almost 10 years?

Ballet went 4 years, no longer wants .Tried tennis, I did not like it .Volleyball went 2 months, did not like it .Swimming is no longer, as she had very long hair, do not like to dry the hair dryer .

How do you know - whether the sex was with a teenage daughter ?

My daughter is growing up. Now we have a relationship of trust, but I fear that will soon come first sexual experience, and it will not be able to open up to me. And because each of my suspicions led her to a gynecologist - it will undermine our relationship. How to do the right thing ?