Which TV channels will be part of the third multiplex digital TV Russia?

With the first two multiplexes all clear, and almost everywhere they are in the country.But by 2018.we promised to add more, and the third( ie. e. 10 more channels).Which ones?State or regional?The SD or HD quality?Serious content or so, anyhow what?And in general, whether this third multiplex free or it will have to pay some money?

On the Internet a lot of information, but some information, contrary to the other.So in the 3rd multiplex all channels will be regional, it is only half that in general will not be regional.That will be the channels in HD-quality, they will not.Please help me in all this.

If the creator of digital TV were interested in my opinion, I would suggest such an option:

  1. My Planet( VGTRK).
  2. Science 2.0( VGTRK).
  3. Time( TCC First Channel).
  4. Cartoon( VGTRK).
  5. Movie House( TCC First Channel).
  6. Music( TCC First Channel).
  7. History( VGTRK).
  8. Dress( VGTRK).
  9. Pepper( DTV ZAO).
  10. Regional( in Moscow Moscow is 24, in St. Petersburg - St. Petersburg, Rostov - South Region Don, etc...).

How to promote a stream (stream) channel to engage your audience ?

I decided to take Stream online games, but watching me maximum 10-15 people actually question

How to unleash a stream (stream) channel ?and attract an audience to the channel, it is desirable also subscribers.