What place does Russia in the FIFA rankings at the moment?

Where does the men's team of Russia on football in the FIFA rankings at the moment?

And you know how all goes to a place in the kindergarten?

I do not understand how there is a queue for a place in a kindergarten, a year ago rose, which were on the order of those remained, and later we got up in turn, we were closer.Do not make it out, no one does not explain anything, I only know that to get into the garden, you need to either 80000 100000 whether the rub.pay head.Who is behind all this watching?To write and to ask?

Is it possible to teach a cat to know its place?

Cat likes to sleep in my hair. I do not like this.I began to cover the door to the room. He soon learned to open it.I began to close the door tightly.He began to climb the cabinet in the hallway with her ​​jumping on the door handle, the door ajar, the cat walks.

Hung hook.For the past week the cat unsuccessfully jumping on the doorknob. But sleep is impossible.And in the cat house, in the hallway, he did not want to sleep.

Can teach it as something to his place?