Call home of the first president of Russia ?

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How can I become president of a country?

New president of Guatemala became a comedian

MEXICO CITY, Oct. 26 - RIA Novosti.Actor Jimmy Morales won-up to Sunday the second round of presidential elections in Guatemala.

Which presidential elections are you talking about?

I can not understand, about what elections prizident can we talk!? A bunch of thugs led by the West seized power, prisleduet the people and the president.And now I have to choose from these thugs the best?A referendum to be held May 11 at any cost.Look, some sympathetic to the junta say they are not legitimate, and the seizure of power Bendery bandits is legitimate?

How the Internet address to the Russian president ?

How to properly and competently draw their letter to the President of the Russian Federation, where it should be sent ?