Most Spaniards know English ?

Most Spaniards know English ?

As correctly translate what the correct translation sounds like a Saturday ?

And again the question about the mistranslation. In the same book, translated from English, he said that the scientist traveled from the US to Europe to " Sabbath vacation."It is hard to imagine such a " holiday " lasting only one day. Even if you fly round trip on the supersonic fighter. We need to figure out what was in the original, and then re- translated into the Russian language - this time correctly (by the way, to translate short and adequately is not easy, but as - I do not know :).

What is the mistake of an interpreter, who wrote that the forest gives us a hoop ?

As numerous comments to the least numerous questions among the participants BV many translators, perhaps even professional.The issue for them as well as for all lovers of English.The credits for the English-language film about environmental interpreter (probably more in the sense of interpreter) wrote: "The forest needs to be protected. He gives us oxygen, turpentine, hoop ...".Hoops, indeed, often made of wood.However, this transfer looked very strange.Something like "The steel industry and the iron and steel industry provides us with the rails, machine tools, arrows to compass."The question is why the translator made a mistake and how to be translated correctly?

Why Metro Petersburg on signs instead of 'EXIT' says 'WAY OUT'?

Across Europe, the concept of ' output ' denoted by the word 'EXIT'.