What are the best parts of Moscow routes?

Every year there are new parts of the track.

What routes are by far the most successful?

How to buy a bicycle and what characteristics (see below) ?

to ride a distance of more than thirty kilometers, while not much tired, but still it would be possible to drive on asphalt as well as off-road ( potholes, bumps, gravel, dirt, shoulder ) ?

Who created a small but practical bike BMX?

who created a small but practical bike BMX?

Stencils motorcycles, bicycles .Where can I find / download ?

Where to download the stencils

motorcycles and bicycles to work with children ?

Mommy, a tricycle to choose?

now a large selection of bicycles, tell me who enjoyed a more convenient: which is controlled by his mother from the pen - pusher or on which the front wheel is fixed, friend bought the first version, said that inconvenient - child wheel pulls far they do not leave, though they lightplastic version, and I would have bought a Lexus or something like that, they are heavier.