1.3 Mn = 12 to Mn.This can be?

At one site in the description to the camera I saw this phrase( reproduce approximately): "screen 1.3 megapixels( equivalent to 12 megapixels)."It's a bullshit?

How ethical shoot video interviewing bystanders ?

Here I am standing with a camera and take off the street, waiting for the man who will not refuse to say a few words on camera .Clearly, this is not entirely correct - people need to ask though, would be verbal permission to shoot.But so often do, judging by the videos, catching all the passers-by at the camera .Why is it possible, it is considered normal ?

What do you say about the camera Samsung WB350F?

I want to buy the first digital camera, focused on the choice of Samsung WB350F, I want to know the opinion of those people who already have this camera, or those who saw her or his hands.Price is also acceptable at the camera.

What are vandal-proof camera for observation ?

working on wifi.For example I have a router wifi camera will be at the entrance .With the secret of that special key bolts are not unscrew .