Which hair color suits blue eyes ?

Can I dye hair red just after the clarification?

I was clarified for the first time a year ago, then dyed reddish fawn.At the moment, my hair ocher.I want to make a clarification and re-painted in the same color red:

hover text

tell whether hair color changes to green incomprehensible)) to give the desired( or at least close to it) color?

( Lighten want, because the natural color manifested itself in many places)

Genetics.How to calculate the color of eyes and hair the child ?

remembered that in college we were taught to calculate, calculate the color of eyes, hair the child's genes ... And as already forgotten ... Who remembers ?

Your attitude to painting hair an unnatural color?

What do you think of exotic flowers hair ?Is it normal girls hair dye in pink, blue, green or other bright, unnatural colors ?