Who became the bride of Al Pacino ?

75 year old Al Pacino first married who the bride ?

What does the diadem on the head of the bride ?

Recently, very often adorn brides hairstyles, not only veil, but a diadem .It means something or is it just for the beauty ?Maybe some kind of a symbol of the fact that she is a wise wife?

Have you ever stolen the bride?

Situation inspired by the film "Prisoner of the Caucasus" and my personal experience.

Last year, the New Year's holidays, I started dating a guy.We met three days!and in the evening, after a romantic dinner in a restaurant, he came out and said that now we are going to get acquainted with his parents, and I'm his wife.To my shock and words, that it is too early and he paid no attention, just he took me in his arms and carried on the hands of five!kilometers from his home.As I struggled, but where there.The most amazing thing is that his parents were waiting for us at the table, although the time was past midnight and took me very gently.

On the continuation of the story I will not say, because it does not apply to this issue.

And therefore interested in whether girls such cases, and if so, how.

Where to buy the most beautiful wedding dress in Yekaterinburg ?

public salons Ekaterinburg sold beautiful wedding dress ?