What is the difference of pickled vegetables and salted vegetables, which in winter?

What is the difference

pickles and pickled vegetables, which is closed for the winter?

Pickled cucumbers and pickles for the winter - what's the difference?

Just tomatoes and others. Vegetables.

At what depth should be planted cucumber seedlings ?

Know that tomato seedlings can bury until cotyledons or even can break them and put tomatoes obliquely.

I know that peppers should plant only at the level they grew up landing, but the knowledge on cucumbers turned out a complete failure.

Tell me, please, to what depth can be planted cucumber seedlings, and then it turned out I greatly elongated.

How to protect cucumber against diseases and pests ?

Garden season is in full swing - planted seedlings to a permanent place, the first cucumbers will be available soon.

But along with the expectation of vintage alarm occurs - how to keep their cucumbers from diseases and pests to get a good harvest.

Lord gardeners !Share your secrets !

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How to keep the pickles after the discovery of the banks ?

pickled cucumbers -The bank three liters .The fridge is not included.Open.And how to keep them.Can I pour into another container, smaller, to put in the fridge .But I think it will deteriorate rapidly .While the bank is simply in a cool place in the apartment.