Who knows, if your TV is connected to the plate gives: TV Channel ... ?

TV issues " TV Channel List can not be found " - it is burned - the TV, receiver, or a plate of " died "?

What to consider when choosing a new LED TV?

I have a simple tube TV at home, so decided to buy a new one.Friends say that it is better to take the LED TV because it shows better and lasts longer.I listened to their advice, I decided to look into the range of shops.I was surprised that the price category of TVs( 32-inch) from 7 to 30 thousand.I would like to not make a mistake in the amount and quality of the TV.

What is the connection LCD?

necessary to write the article "Replacing the connector LCD".I tried to find on the internet what LSD connector .Nothing found .Just what LSD TV is the same as that of an LCD TV .But where does the connector LSD ?People tell me, please, I will be very grateful to you !