Who became the bride of Al Pacino ?

75 year old Al Pacino first married who the bride ?

How to hold a wedding in the house of the groom?

In that regard, one of the parents of the young is supposed to do?

How to respond to the fact that the groom of my colleagues asked my phone ?

At what

when it asked, I joked took it as a joke. Then pass not long ago met him, he again begged phone, joked again, and quickly left.It's just a joke and so really would have called if I gave the room ?

Do you agree with the expression : "It's not the ring, not the man ! "?

Girls, if your young person has made you an offer with a ring that you did not like the way you treat this ?What you will have emotions ?Maybe someone will even say "no" just because of the ring ?

This wedding is good ?

This joyful event is nervous and tense for many participants .But despite the good stuff someone at the wedding ?