How to change the firmware to unlock the iPhone / iPod?

How many actually "kill" the machine wrong actions?

Do I have to contact the service centers or craftsmen?

What actions can not be undone with the firmware?

Xperia sola mt27i, whether or not to flash on android 4.0?

A long time there was Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich firmware but the views are not unique at all.who says that inhibits, who says that everything is fine and logs all corrected.

Why can not I re-flash e-book (see. ) ?

Trying to flash e-book Digma c701, exactly following the instructions in the file downloaded from the official site. However, every time I press the button Switch , the book goes out and her computer does not see. The manual says that it is necessary to repeat the procedure, if that.Repeat 10 times already, but it is always the same : the book goes. What am I doing wrong?Question to those who faced similar. I hope to help.

Is it possible to flash the LCD so that it read video files from flash (see. ) ?

We Mystery MTV-3205W .There is an entrance for USB , but the TV only reads images and music, and videos can not see. Can this TV to flash ?

What better to do with a mobile phone (see. ) ?

The handset does not respond to the touch of the screen may not respond then suddenly a few days starts to work fine, but after a brief stint back does not respond to your finger across the screen pirouettes. What can be done and whether or not to flash it?What could be the problem?