What is a plant called Tirlich - grass ?

is mentioned in fairy tales, which are now counterparts ?What are the properties of this plant ?

How much gold Prince released from prison Brigand?

For what amount of money released from prison Nightingale the Robber Prince in the cartoon "Ilya Muromets and Nightingale the Robber

Options Taxed( bribes):

  • 100 gold
  • 500 gold
  • 1000 gold
  • 200 gold

wonder where Brigand took the money in the prison?

What was the name ( name ), the father of Aladdin ?

question from the game " Kingdom of mysteries ": a father named Aladdin ( Aladdin ) ?

How old Cossack wearing a princess-a snake around his neck?

How old Cossack wearing a princess-a snake around her neck

How old Cossack had to carry on his neck that snake?Options:


There is a plant in the earth "piripirioka" or is it just a fairy tale?

There is a plant in the earth "piripirioka" or is it only in the Indian tale?

Legend Indians Manali, inhabiting the shores of the Rio Negro in Brazil:

Origin of plant piripirioka

What, apart from a silver platter, he asked his father to buy Masha ?

From what tale this Masha, who asked his father to buy her other than the saucer also ...

"The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish" in a new way.What will it be?

Seems to me that is not a new trough would require modern old woman?

What is the most famous fairy tale in Germany?

you know what the most famous ( famous ) tale in Germany?Can you briefly describe it ?

Mary - mistress, Maria - slag, Marja- asketka who they are, what is the difference ?

What Mary - mistress to do with Mary and Mary - sluts - asketkoy ?