Choosing a washing machine " Bosch " or " Atlas", which is better?

Bosch, of course, the firm, but the warranty period of a year, and at Atlanta 3, and the price is much lower, but not the price issue ...

What is the temperature in the refrigerator Atlanta?

At exhibiting mechanical regulator 6 and the ambient temperature( room) approx.24. At night, I put the controller 6, and in the morning found some products frozen in ice, afraid for medicine that should be kept from 2 to 15, even though it stood in the door of the refrigerator. Thank you!

Convector brand Atlant buy ?

looking for a reliable heater, advise .The store brand convector Atlanta, sellers hard it is advised 1 kW

There are problems with the freezer ?

Freezer (Atlanta ), has recently launched are disabled (error F7 ), turns off at a frequency of once every half an hour there, and after 10 minutes ! But when plugging it into a power strip into an outlet with another branch wiring is no longer shut off, in what could bereason? new wiring, problems with the socket excluded.