Why salad "Olivier" has registered already on the table in Russian?

"Olivier" - HOLIDAY TASTE!

100 recipes every minute

the Internet offer me.

But again for a holiday for some reason I want to

"Olivier" salad.

A Frenchman who invented once

for aristocrats your recipe

And could not even imagine,

What will happen to him after many years.

Maybe it - just a childhood memory?

Maybe it - Russian hell?

From lettuce can not escape -

Tomorrow will be just like yesterday!

This constant desire,

In some strange looks - and let. ..

"Olivier" - salad memories!

Christmas and home taste.

Different countries - different feasts,

Many beautiful dishes on the table.

All looks good, but I

I'll have a favorite, "Oliver!"

Table is set - have fun close.

New try later!

Waiting for me in a wide salad bowl,

proudly towering over the table!

I have put to him at the plate hill!

And add a spoonful of yet!

Live without lettuce is bitter.

Ate salad - and just good!

Break the tradition will not

And on the table will add, at the end,

Tasty herring "under a fur coat"

And of course, a delicate jelly!

? And even if a lot of different recipes

Offer and you and I. ..

all know that in the New Year holiday

Each house will be "Oliver!"

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