Invited for an interview, I came, waited an hour, how to respond?

Telephoning the HR today invited to the interview directly to the restaurant to meet with the boss, the manager, came in time attendant, hostess said that we should wait a bit, the manager is busy, waited an hour, then got dressed and left.

And I do not want to go to work, it was unpleasant, creating the first negative impression, even though I did not see anyone, the work did not speak.

Tomorrow will call back, and how to react in anger, or loyally, still need work and s / n offer for a good job, but these moments spoil everything, how to be?

  • Белая ночь I do not know if any boss or manager does not feel the need to come on time, we can only predict how they treat employees.And not the fact that the declared salary will be true in this case, the classic case of the "master of his words: I can give, I take." 20 November 2016
  • Луиза I think so, unprofessional approach. 20 November 2016