Closed abroad on the right ?

now being transmitted on channel 1 TV "closed abroad" .There 2 Russian, went to Egypt to look for rich overseas sheyha.Obratilis in marriage agency in Kaire.Zhelayuschih sheikhs not nashlos.No when they gathered to leave, they got a call from the agency, said,the groom rode svidanie.Tot nashёlsya.Oni invited them to "work", they said that only 10 thousand evro.Sutener agreed, put their photos with their consent internet.Kogda they learned that no they will not pay for 10thousand euros, they asked domoy.Sutener said vozment them tickets, and asked them to give pasporta.Oni, but instead went to the pimp politsiyu.Devok arestovali.S them were Muslim, but they had mobile phones, unnecessarily.their much searching nelzya.Oni gave them earrings and they gave them telefon.Oni overthrew SMS groom in Russia and the first flight, he flew to Kair.Otdav 2 thousand dollars a local lawyer ih.Kak rescued you, that's a pity these "innocent girl"which were closed abroad?