What to do if bitten by a snake.First Aid Hospital if far?

  • пани Моника What NOT to do when meeting with a snake
    • Cut crosswise bite or cut the affected area.Cuts random objects( knives, broken glass) lead to infections, damage to the veins and tendons.
    • Cauterize wound with red-hot objects on fire, embers from the fire, gunpowder.Poisonous snakes teeth reach a centimeter in length, and the poison penetrates deep into muscle tissue.
    • It is useless and even dangerous to cauterize the bite potassium hydroxide, nitric acid, sulfuric acid and carbolic acid or kerosene, as well as close the cobwebs and covered with earth.
    • You can not apply a tourniquet above the bite!Tourniquet on the affected limb worsens the condition of the victim, provoking gangrenous phenomenon and increases the risk of death as a tourniquet causes blood stagnation, and even necrosis of the tissue, but does not delay the spread of venom.
    21 October 2016
  • пани Моника What you need to do
    • Immediately after the bite turn patient and keep at rest.If possible, move it to a comfortable, secure place.Independent movement of the victim is not permitted!
    • In the first few seconds after the bite, pressing with your fingers, open the wound and begin to vigorously suck the venom by mouth.Bloody fluid periodically spits.If there is not enough saliva or sores on the lips, in the mouth, you should dial in your mouth a little water( water dilutes the poison).Perform suctioning must be an uninterrupted period of 15 minutes.This allows you to remove from the body of the victim between 20 and 50 percent of poison.For a person who provides care, sucking the venom is not dangerous, even if his mouth has sores or abrasions.If necessary, the victim has to suck the poison yourself.
    • Ranku need to disinfect and apply a sterile dressing that with the development of edema periodically loosen, so it does not cut into the soft tissue.
    21 October 2016
  • пани Моника • In order to slow the spread of poison in the body, limit the mobility of the affected organ.When you bite into the arm lock it in the folded position.
    • Let the victim more tea, broth or water( from the coffee as an aphrodisiac, it is better to give up).This will help to eliminate the poison from the body.
    • Try to immediately bring the victim to the nearest medical facility, transporting him on a stretcher.Snake is desirable to locate and deliver medical attention to determine its species.
    • If necessary, carry out continuous artificial respiration and heart massage.When
    vipers and copperhead snake bite serum administration impractical.
    21 October 2016
  • Андреева Ольга From what I remember, it is not enough to answer: 1. Intercept
    limb tourniquet.Maximum much.
    2. literally chew wound teeth and suck out the maximum amount of blood, spitting with her to the ground.
    3. Wash the wound.treat, bandage.
    21 October 2016