Is it true in Bolivia explosives sold as freely as the household chemicals?

Read travel reports from Potosi( mountain city, the city of miners with silver mines, the Bolivian province), surprised the photo market, where the shelves are open mountain ammonite ammunition, blasting caps, safety fuses and detonating cords.Tourists buy memory( this is how only then to their country of import, heh - is the same in Bolivia Desert blow for entertainment).

Store in Potosi:

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More store - vodka, beer, cigarettes, coffee, tea, dynamite, ammonal - such assortment:

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It's real or fake, andphotoshop?

  • Андреева Ольга You can sell anything.The dangerous thing is not to become in itself, and as a result of malicious intent.But it has no need to buy. ... 13 November 2016