How many first response is paid on BV ( cm. ) ?

Here is an excerpt from the rules of BV.Pay attention to the selection.

And now look at the other picture.When you come to a question, it shall indicate the number of responses given and how many billable answers can be given.Pay attention to the numbers, marked in red.

After elementary mathematical calculations (4 + 8 = 12) we can see that somewhere in the gap on the BV - either in the rules or in the counter of answers to questions.

Or something I do not understand?How did the first answer is payable in a single issue?

  • Zmiter Participate in the calculation of responses from the 200 characters, and the total number of responses is indicated.
    In this particular case it means that the given answer from 2 200 characters or more, and at least two answers to 200 characters, so you can give more paid 8 replies.
    11 July 2016