What you need to bake pancakes on Shrove Tuesday ?

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  • CEHR

    Counter-question: how much can you?It depends who you gonna call to their pancakes. If guests come to you in crowds that the pancakes have to take all the pots in the house, and if the humble, a man and you are 4-5 children or parents, you have enough for a couple of pancakes to meet and hold Pancake Day. Flour has a lot, too bad, although the holiday, so why clog the stomach itself, and then sit on the couch and it's hard to digest. Enough a couple of pancakes with meat, cheese and a couple with a man.

    18 July 2016
  • Dwenderell

    It all depends on how many people to come to you on pancakes. So bake so much, that would be enough for all, but still remained.And put some pancakes so that would sour cream dip. And others make pancakes with minced meat and vegetables. What would the guests ate and licked their fingers.

    18 July 2016
  • dobrets

    As you want, the main thing should be sufficient and should be formed " Footprint " of pancakes for you)

    18 July 2016
  • Медвед

    Carnival - last week preparation for Lent. For Orthodox Christians, this Week is dedicated to the memories of the Last Judgment . Always eats sin, including and especially the pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. Many pancakes oven will not.

    18 July 2016