What is slavery?

What is slavery?

Wikipedia - Slavery - historically it system device society where people (the slave) is the property of another person (master, slave owner, host) or state .

If we expand this concept on the shelves then

boss says to do

boss says how to do

slave is the property of his master, and that the right to do with it as he pleases. ..

Arrange Now look at that state in which you live

state dictates to you what to do (free education)

state dictates how you do (your job, home life), in fact it's all imposed!

You is the property of the state and it has the right to do with you as he pleases, to rip off taxes with the meager salary that you have appointed for employment, condemn you (the law we have that pole, and steers them to the state), to encourage you tomilitary service to defend it is the most state of the intrigues of imperialism and for the most part by themselves citizens of this state (just take your son, husband, and in the life of children). ..


So it turns out we are all servants of the state in which we live.

  • Анастаса In no other word !slaves. here they are - we are!sadly, that every servant for himself and only. .. 16 July 2016
  • Ad libitum And what do you suggest?get out of here on some desert island?
    Enclose your home fence and declare himself the enclave ?
    16 July 2016