How unusual to celebrate a wedding, if there is no money for the guests?

We are a young man decided to legalize our relationship, because we want to have kids.But unforeseen circumstances occurred: we have lost a job (working in one company).The desired amount for the wedding to save did not work, but because of problems with the work and began to take money from deferred.In general, as you really really want the kids, we decided just to sign - without guests.But a little thought, I'm certainly disappointed, because it is a wedding.We must do these memories to carry through life, then tell their kids) What can we tell them?They came to the registry office, put his signature (possibly) sat together in the restaurant. .. - well, it is very sad.Can anyone suggest how to make the day more festive?You can have any ideas?But we will have only two.Because if we pozovёm at least one relative or another one, the other will be offended.And to explain all that easy at all no money-also not an option.

How to beat the pain of betrayal ?

How to beat the pain of betrayal ??How to forgive and justify the one who has betrayed ?

How not to fall in love with the lovers ?

and you know well that the relationship is temporary. .. so soon, health. .. and try not to get attached mentally. .. and then still leave and miss. ..

And now " underway " girl ?

just a girl ) ?