Does anyone have a beautiful scheme for embroidery ?

topics : wedding .I want to make some decorative stuff for the wedding.I would be grateful for answers to the people who know this )))

Why different mirrors our skin on your face looks different?

In a mirror smooth complexion, the skin is smooth, the other mirror so the skin does not look great, why?

What is the name of Sergei Zverev grandson?

I heard that Sergei Zverev, the king of fashion glamor, soon to be born grandson.All in shock, but Sergey Zverev has become almost glamorous grandfather.And what will be called the grandson of Sergei Zverev?He has already picked a name?

What are the hairstyles for ballroom dancing there are the girls ?How can they do that?

We were told that all the girls who are engaged in ballroom dancing, must be hairstyles .And what should be hairstyles for ballroom dancing ?How to make a hairstyle for ballroom dancing ?