Limiting magnitude when choosing a telescope - what is it ?

What a telescope feature " limiting magnitude " ?What effect ?

International military games.In a team overturned tank?Video?

International military games.In a team overturned tank?Where to watch?

What are the program for processing photos with the satellite?How to find the object?


photo from the satellite to determine the exact place erected / destroyed architectural object?In particular - Stone hramostroitelstva.The assumption is based on the fact that the foundations of the temples have a specific geometric shape.

For example, you can see here, inside the rectangle obkopannogo overgrown octagonal base of the foundation of the temple?

How to open NEF images using PhotoShop CS3?

When you download this image Photoshop displays a message: "Unable to complete the request: it is an incorrect document type."

After opening Photoshop and try to open a file through the command "Open As. .." NEF format is.

But after opening attempt appears